Welcome to the website for the Kiawah Island Photo Club. The goal of the Kiawah Island Photo Club is to help our members take better pictures and to share them more effectively. This website provides an abundance of information about both our Club and the many photography resources available on the internet. 


Dues are $50 per year. Download the membership form and mail the check to Dick Clapp. Please renew your membership soon! Click here for the membership form.


Regular monthly meetings deal with some aspect of photography that can benefit photographers of all skill levels and interests.  Topics vary and several are paired with our popular shoots. 

Our PHOTO SHOOTS are intended to appeal to photographers of a range of skill and equipment. They often include a critique/review session.  They provide an opportunity to learn from other photographers, both amateur and professional. 

The Workshops generally deal with some aspect of digital photography and its interface with computers. Workshops are usually characterized as Basic or Advanced and are designated as for Mac or PC or both. The slides from many of our WORKSHOPS are available in the page "Workshop and Lecture Notes.” 

We have had 2-3 well-known PRO PHOTOGRAPHERS visit the club over the years. They are listed HERE with links to their websites. 

NOTE: The meetings and workshops are generally held at the Sandcastle. If it is moved to Beachwalker Center, an email announcement will be made.  


       Webmaster:  emmonshill@mac.com